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When people begin thinking of purchasing a piece of investment property they often wonder where the best place to buy within the city of their choice. Most people have different goals and levels of expertise to draw upon while owning rental property. Swift properties can help. Through our consultation process we will establish if you really want that low rent apartment complex or would you be better served with one or more single family homes. Maybe a duplex is best. We really won’t know until we talk.

Are you already in escrow on a place? What kind of rents can you expect in that area? Your real estate agent probably knows the sales market. However, does your agent really know the rental market? Maybe you need to talk with us before you close on that deal.

The wrong decision can have a very detrimental affect on getting a place rented at a rent the new owner needs to cover the expenses. However, when people have made the correct decision, we have often had a tenant ready and waiting to move in when escrow closed.

Give us a call and we will be happy to schedule an appointment to talk over your situation.